Basic Thyroid Course for Homeopaths

Understanding hypothyroid and Hashimoto's from a homeopathic perspective

Investment $120

Course Outline

  • Session 1 - Hypothyroidism and its causations with progression to Hashimoto’s disease.

  • Session 2 - Understanding thyroid labs to successfully track changes during treatment.

  • Session 3 - Changing lifestyle factors that affect thyroid function to speed healing Finding NBWS and successfully prescribing for it.

  • Session 4 - Other natural supplements complementing homeopathy in thyroid disease.

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Bonus: Facebook support group for members

Private Facebook support group for course members to cross pollinate and be able to learn and ask questions. Use it for case studies and getting informed opinions on cases.


Marianne Couperthwaite

"Incredible information! I have been following Dr de Pontes for 20 years now and have learnt so much from him through the years. Thank you for your tireless work and sharing your wealth of knowledge. Your passion shines through in your work. Thank you for giving me tools to be a better practitioner!"

Dr Renata Hines

"Dr Pontes' Basic Thyroid Course for Homeopaths is very informative. He covers the hormonal physiological 

process and interconnects it  with where to focus during the case taking and how to select the remedy.  I have upgraded my knowledge of Homeopathy and Thyroid complaints. I am very thankful to Dr. Anthony Pontes for passing on such a knowledge."

Sue Field

"As a professional homeopath myself, I am very grateful to Dr. Anthony de Pontes for making this course available to me. He is sharing 25 years of experience and knowledge of homeopathic treatment. His recent work treating thyroid problems is very specific and there is no other homeopath presenting a course like this in the world. I am very thankful to be on this course."

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